Our research is on plant development

Our main research interest is to unravel the mechanisms regulating plant development, with a focus on the roles of the cell wall, phytohormones, endomembrane trafficking and molecular signalling in controlling cell shape and tissue morphogenesis. We primarily use the model plant Arabidopsis to answer our research questions but we also work on species of more applied interest for forestry and agriculture, including poplar, spruce, eucalyptus, lupin and tomato.

We are fascinated by the amazing ability of plants to continuously adapt their morphology in response to both internal and environmental signals. Our work addresses the regulation of these morphological adjustments at cell and molecular levels in a wide range of organs including leaves, hypocotyls, apical hooks and various types of roots. You can take a look at what our group members are currently working on at our Group members page or check out our previously published work at our Publications page.

We are thankful to the following for funding our work